C E N T R E  



W O R K S H O P S    &   E V E N T S
We offer events to experience diversity

Stay updated with our workshops and events: music, art, yoga, meditation, concerts, presentations, circles, new experiences and a lot more! 


J E W E L L E R Y   I N
M U R A N O   G L A S S

Workshop / Show-room 

Creazioni di Ayni – Jewellery in Murano glass, hand made by Ayni, with love and the heart of Tuscany, Italy. She offers workshops where you can learn to make your own personalized jewels, otherwise you can come to visit her atelier and show room.

R E T R E A T S   &   L O D G E 

Retreats and lodge in the heart of Chianti, Tuscany. 

Sorripa Evolution Centre was created with the intention of healing and nourishing of the soul, holding infinite creative possibilities. Different retreats are organized here, from Spring to Autumn. Come connect!


T H E  H E A R T  OF   S O R R I P A
 and the intention of Evolution Centre

Sorripa Evolution Centre was created with Ayni Cutilli’s love for personal and collective evolution, in a gesture of gratitude. The intention is creating a space to get to know our limitations, and to expand our own boarders that we’ve constructed. It’s a space where we explore who we are, and where we integrate with empathy towards ourselves and others. We invite you to be part of the extended family of Sorripa Evolution Centre! 


W H E R E   W E   A R E  
San Casciano in Val di Pesa, Florence, ITALY

Sorripa Evolution Centre is 2.5km from the centre San Casciano VP, a three minute drive, and a thirty minute walk. Surrounded by olive trees at the top of a hill, you can see all the horizons, the sun kissed you with its first ray and its last ones and where you can enjoy the silence of the birds. 
*Photo from Grandeterratoscana